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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck View Post
There is one particual thing about Amigans that anger me.

Tramiel bashing.
Look, if it were not for Jack, none of us would have had the Vic 20, C 64, and even the Amiga. We would not have had the Atari ST to laugh at (I owned one).

SO get off their case!!

Heh. I know you must be joking/baiting/dreaming, but I'll just state the facts.

Tramiel was thrown out of Commodore, went to their competitor. Jay Miner went to Commodore, Commodore produced a beautiful computer, Atari produced crap until the end of time... doesn't take an Einstein to figure out who's responsible for what

Tramiel took over after Bushnell had made Atari legendary. Suddenly, the consoles and computers everyone enjoyed turned into something that sounded bad, looked bad, and played bad. Jay Miner went to Commodore, they produced technology that took the computer manufacturers of the world about 5-6 years to catch up to.

Tramiel has legacy - in CBM's typewriter, adding machine and calculator era. It's after Peddle took over that CBM started to become a legend.

So I've nothing against Atari, even milled an alu Atari logo plaque for my arcade machine the other day But sometimes you can see the effect individuals have on companies, their products, and technohistory.
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