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Hard drive volume names in FS-UAE

Years ago I transferred the entire contents of my Amiga 4000 hard drive to my current Linux PC and can now access it via FS-UAE.
However there is one thing that keeps bothering me on every start up. The Amiga uses two concepts of disk names: device names (referring to drives where disks are mounted) and volume names (referring to disks that are mounted in drives). My original Amiga 4000 hard drive was set up into four partitions:
HD0:, volume name WorkBench:
HD1:, volume name Work:
HD2:, volume name Games:
HD3:, volume name Misc:
It seems FS-UAE is only aware of the device names HD0: through HD3:, not the volume names. As such, every time I boot the emulated Amiga 4000 up, I get requests "Please insert volume WorkBench: in any drive" and have to cancel them.
FS-UAE only lets me enter a single name for each hard drive partition in its configuration. How can I make it recognise the volume names already on boot up?
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