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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
I may be blind, but Amiga in a Box seems to be missing from the internet these days apart from people making requests and archives uploaded.

I think that's a huge shame - it has its part in emulation history and it would be nice to have it hosted with a proper page like AmigaSYS, AmiKit and ClassicWB.

It was a huge inspiration to me and helped enormously in getting my first pack out of the door - without James' install scripts I wouldn't have know where to start developing my own.

It's a unique pack, has its own feel and style and perhaps if we can get in contact with James, we can host it here on abime or some other member site?

I can host, if someone can get me all data. I did try piecing together.
Let me know.

I agree, AIAB was the first fully loaded WB setup I ever used in WinUAE.
I was actually looking for something the other week, but could'nt find anything on it.
Wayback machine gives you some data, but not all, .

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