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This is what I get for being away from this place for a while and not checking back here again before doing random things moments later!
(Mainly tracking down the (German) person I believe had bought a CD of MGC when it was sold on months ago, and which I had discovered too late through googling to have bidded for myself... and sending him a message asking if he still had it and if so could he make a copy for me pretty please, all the while not knowing if his English is any good at all!)

So thanks very much to Mr Cummings and his geniusness for finding a copy after all these years and successfully coming across this thread without any kind of prompting required! The epic story of resurfacing Mutation Gold is finally over it seems. Although! I noticed you copied the data off the CD onto your HD/stick/whatever, archived the contents, and upped it that way. Is it still possible you could make a proper CD image of it if you get the time? Tools like CDRWin, CloneCD or ImgBurn should do the job as accurately and nicely as possible.

In other news, I bought another copy of Mutantology a while ago, this time from SoftHut, only to find it has the same goddamn problem as the last CD I had and causes my drives to go on a neverending seeking craze! The underside looks spick and span as well. Am I just cursed with this knock-off or what?
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