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GameBase Amiga 2.0

It's hard for me to believe that I released GameBase Amiga 1.0 10 years ago today...

And so in celebration of this I've now released GameBase Amiga 2.0

eLowar was always in charge of the website and installer etc. So I've just dumped the main archive into the zone. It's set to use the latest version of WinUAE 3.2.2. and I wouldn't recommend using it with versions a lot older than this. It's also designed for GameBase 1.3 which you can get from It will NOT work with any earlier versions of GameBase.

I've put the games/music/extras etc onto the eab fileserver (edit: now under /commodore_amiga/gamebase amiga 2/).

Any questions etc and I'll try and monitor this thread as much as possible.

Please note this has not been tested on anyone else's PC so it might not work at all! Please let me know how you get on!

Happy Christmas everyone.

edit: there's a gamebase 2.1 database update on there as well if anyone's interested.

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