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Floppy disk Ensoniq Mirage Library 4 Trackers (8SVX&XI)

"The Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 is an 8-bit sampler with true Voltage Controlled Analog Filters, (VCF's), giving the Mirage that warm sweeping sound only found in today's, and yesterdays analog synthesizers.

Because of its 8-bit graininess and VCF capabilities, like sign wave modulation, the Mirage has become a legend amongst most keyboard musicians."

(from the Meta Sounds Sample Library, included)

So I've managed to convert all the mirage sample disk i've found on the net. They are converted 1:1 straight from disk without resampling or bit reducing, keeping their maximum quality. Note our miggie doesn't have such VCF's, but at least we have samples to play with.

The entire library, extracted from few user disks, includes the Meta Sounds Sample Library and comes in two flavours:

I) IFF-8SVX format (with loops preserved): suitable for Amiga trackers

II) Fasttracker XI (also with envelope data): for most pc trackers (dunno if exists an amiga tracker with amplitude envelopes, this is the closest thing to protracker that allows that).

EDIT (2014/04/09): Thanks to commodorejohn who sent me the files, we have the full Ensoniq Mirage Disk Collection converted to 8SVX with loop data included. Thanks also to Thomas for "chunked" and "replbody" command. He saved a lot of work!


Full IFF-8SVX Collection
Metasound Collection

Fastracker XI Collection

PS: Someone will say the samples are distorted, bad looped and noisy. Hey, that's lofi!

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