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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
If you want to turn your Amiga into a Mac then that's cool but I personally prefer to run native Amiga software straight from WB
There is a very interesting question here. And it's mainly about what an Amiga is.

If you think about Software there are a lot of options -WB, Magellan, Aros, Scalos, Linux or OS4 (a step ahead).. or also emulators: Mac, Nes, C64, Spectrum or others.

And about Hardware there are also a lot of options/improvements. You can beging with accelerators, but then you can add PPC, RTG, FPGA (...), or also sound boards for Midi, or sound devices like the new Prisma Megamix, the Delfina or a MAS player. About output for the Tv you can have your original "Video", "Comp" or "R.F. Modulator", but you can also have a HDMI (or DVI) output with the Indivision Aga or RGB output with a RTG card.

It's very hard to me to tell when you are running an Amiga or when you aren't. In fact they are all options that we have and that we will have. I don't have an idea where the limits are.

Of course Nova I know you say just what you -actually- like, but for example I like Magellan -on development-, you like WB -only 3.9 unofficial BB's-


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