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I decided to delete the games that are gone from the list. I think it's looking clearer now. There are still some very fine games available.

Some of my personal insider tips are:

Gemini Rue: Old school, 16 Bit lookalike P&C adventure

Puppy Games weekly sale (Droid Assault, Revenge of the Titans, Revenge of the Titans: Sandbox Mode, Titan Attacks!, Ultratron). Some unique but very playable Shoot'Em'Ups.

The Geneforge Saga: Five isometric, turn based RPGs that will keep you busy until 2015. They look like mid 90s titles, but if you can live with that you won't regret the invested time. The other Spiderweb titles (Avernum, Avadon) are worth a look as well.

Dear Esther + Proteus: Love it or hate it. Both titles can't be called games, but are a nice experience.

Incredipede: Puzzle platformer that worked well on smartphones and works well on the PC too.

Papo & Yo: Hard story about a boy that has been abused by his alcoholic father. Still a nice, Unreal engine powered, game.

Plus some games they could have sold as fullprice titles (Capsized, Bastion and Dust: An Elysian Tail to name just a few).

edit: some are already gone.

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