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New snapshot: EmuTOS CVS-20120719

- Added keyboard acknowledges. Now the keyboard works fine with WinUAE >= 2.4.0, I hope it will also work on real hardware. It can be easily tested with File > Execute EmuCON.

- Added support for battery backed-up real time clock. Now the EmuTOS welcome screen should display the real boot date and time. If there is no hardware clock, the build date is displayed instead, with 00:00:00 hour.

- Added support for Zorro II/III Fast RAM, Slow RAM and A3000/A4000 motherboard RAM. To achieve that I have imported the AROS AutoConfig routines into EmuTOS, it works like a charm. Now the EmuTOS welcome screen should display the right amount of FastRAM (while ST-RAM means Chip RAM).

- Added Shutdown support for WinUAE. From the desktop, File > Shutdown now exits WinUAE.

- Added debug output support for the WinUAE log. However standard EmuTOS versions does not produce much debug output.

Note that the WinUAE specific features requires the UAE Boot ROM, for example by checking uaeserial.device in the IO ports host settings.
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