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ClassicWB GAAE


I am currently trying to install this onto my flash memory stick in order to train myself before I finally install everything onto my A600 with CF memory as HD. I am a complete noob so please be aware

I went to the site and downloaded the zip file. However, the instructions tell me:

Place the "ClassicWB_GAAE.UAE" file into the WinUAE configurations directory.
  1. Start WinUAE and load the ClassicWB config. image
  2. Select a relevant ROM file in the ROMS tab. image
  3. Add the "System.hdf" file to the Hard Drives tab using "Add Hardfile" - make sure it's listed as being device DH0: image
  4. Save the configuration. image
  5. Boot and follow the on-screen instructions. image
Where is this config file and system.hdf?
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