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Blah! I've hit a road block I'm afraid and unless anyone knows a solution then it's curtains.

Scalos 1.2D (the last stable and fast release and CORE of the ClassicWB) corrupts OS3.5+/newicons if you change the tool types and save under 3.9. I even have the OS3.5 plugin, which is meant to offer compatibility with OS3.5 and 3.9, and although it allows the AmiDock to be used correctly, icons still corrupt.

To elaborate on sweetlilmre's points, the beta Scalos packs are not an option. They are slow (a little bloated now too), optimized more for PPC and OS4 and have many little bugs and niggles - after all, they are beta and only a small team work and test the package now.

I may still release a pack, but it won't run Scalos, Workbench only and no set release date. Shame as I had a nice boot system where you could run Scalos or Workbench in a dual-boot setup. It's not such a big loss however - Scalos on Workbench 3.0/3.1 was a huge step forward over normal Workbench as it had fully multitasking processes and windows, smooth scrolling, great requesters, default icons, powerful options etc. Workbench 3.9 has many of these things built in from default - it's just now I'm going to have to setup some extra features to provide the missing functionality.

I was only really motivated to do this if it was an easy port and remained the ClassicWB, but that isn't looking likely now.

Since AmiSYS is releasing a version for normal Amiga's that's 80% complete (according to their webpage), I'm not sure it's worth me completing this. I'll have a play around and see what's possible but at the moment the outlook is bleak.

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