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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Surly as soon as you put os35/39 in the mix it stops being classic wb and becomes highend wb since it requires a little extra umph from the miggy to run it ?

classic wb is fine as a base on older amiga configurations and should prolly be left at that. I cant see it bringing much to the os39 user.
I hear what your saying, and you're right which is why others are getting a little carried away with what to expect from this Zip pack!

Most people who have OS3.9 are those with more powerful setups are are likely to want to create (or have created) a Workbench themselves, with all the nice extra exclusive features mentioned above. I'm not going to try and create the ultimate Workbench 3.9 P96 setup - AIAB, AmiSYS and AmiKit cover that and it would be too much work. Plus everyone is different, so I always advertise these packs as "base installs" not "complete solutions".

ClassicWB will remain just that - ClassicWB.

All this would be is a lazy solution for those who've tried the ClassicWB but were put off by using older 3.0/1 files. I receive messages from time to time from users who ask why not have the latest Workbench files installed. They like the setup, but want to use 3.9 files.

By Zipping up the ClassicWB ADVSP, removing all files already included in a default OS3.9 (perhaps 3.5 too) install and adding a customized startup-sequence, the Zip can simply be decompressed over the top of the fresh OS3.9 install already done by the user from the CD.

Really, I should write an install script to use 3.0, 3.1, 3.5 and 3.9 (like AmiSYS), but I just don't have the will and this is the lazy solution.

Think of it like an upgrade pack for a fresh install of OS3.9. It gets you off to a head start, but the finishing touches have to added by yourself.

So I'm not really creating another ClassicWB pack - just catering for those who want to use 3.9 files in the place of 3.0/3.1. I guess I could provide two Zip packs - one for non-P96 and the other P96. Both wouldn't take much work, which is why I'm offering to do them.

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