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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post

What does a "UAE state save file (*.uss) loader" have to do with somehow myseriously allowing CDDA games to be played on a real A1200?
If it support the save of the track which was played when you have done the save state, it will relaunch the cdda at the good place and you can play with the cdda music but you have to put your cd with cdda in your cd-rom.
I did it with winuae, with some game with no music.
But i don't know if "UAE state save file (*.uss) loader" support cdda from an ide by exemple, if yes, you could even launch a cd-audio with a simple application your wb and next launch a whdload game, make a save-state.
After launch the save-state, it will launch the game with cdda directly.

On winuae i did this and assigned my joypad buttons with cdtv next track, play, etc and i can launch games with the music i want, it's not perfect but it's better than nothing.
but for it working with "UAE state save file (*.uss) loader" it needs to resume the state of the cd-rom, don't know if it works.
I know that it works with a cd32 or a cdtv (winuae) but does it work on a real a1200 with ide or scsi or else ??? This is why i asked.
An exemple : you launch lotus 2 adf on a cd32, next you launch the cdda, you make a save state. when you run the save state, you have lotus 2 with the music.That's it.
you must say that i never tried with the wb, always with amiga dos.

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