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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
i detected a problem, i launch a cd32 game, and i tried to change the input target of one button or a key and it... Than i click on remap and it always select "caps lock".
Not difficult to duplicate launch a cd32 game with cd-audio and try to use the remap function.
Can't duplicate. Obviously it can't be that simple or there would be lots more reports.

ps: sorry to ask again but toni, really, could it be possible for winuae to detect that you sue a cd32 rom and he could set directly a cd32 pad ??
Using a setting, a command, anything... It's really a pain to always switch it !!!
No. You can have normal joystick connected to CD32 and I never will force select user settings.

You are supposed to create your own CD32 config file.
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