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No worries, this stuff is hobby afterall

I'm in limbo a bit. I'm using my Expansion card with just FPU and 8MB ram instead of the 68030 and that seems to be a lot more compatible and the system seems to be more stable. A breath of fresh air.

So the obvious next step was "is there a card that adds 128MB of memory and FPU without adding a CPU"? But then we are into MistEr FPGA territory which is 68020 at (from screenshots I've seen) around 80Mhz. But no FPU.

Since I have a mister on it's way for my birthday in a few weeks I'm waiting to see how that is. I have other home computers that I never use because I don't have the space to have it all set up so I am seriously toying with the idea of going FPGA and mothballing the A1200's entirely if I'm happy with the FPGA.
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