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Ugghhh... the trials and tribulations of scrolling on the Amiga.

My oh my, this AGA coding just beat the shit out of me.

To get the best out of the AGA you need to use the machine in 32 bit mode (FMODE) so you can get full access to the speed for bitplanes or sprites. The problem is is that this has a lot of side effects (mainly unwanted) that you have to contend with... as I've just found out. I bet them console programmers don't have this bother.

Anyway, I've started work on the scrolling map as it's important I get this working along side the collision stuff.

This isn't working perfect yet, it's close but like I said it's beat me tonight, I'll sleep on it but I like to do regular updates.

For some reason the tiles are not coming in on the borders at the right times. I've had worse bugs though and fixed them so I doubt this will be any different. One thing I am fairly pleased with is the amount of processor time it's chewing up... compared to an A500 this is very favourable.

If I can fix it then the project will rapidly start to look like Rygar. Those numbered tiles are just for test, the map is 64 tiles wide by 12 depth... I'd just need to change the sizes and load the Rygar maps when I have it working.

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