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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
doesn't it annoy you that the game is recoded again and again? I'm 100% sure that emulation isn't used in those compilations (screen format, adaptations). Games are rewritten in whatever language is suitable, from original sources (if they kept them, which is likely). I'm sure it takes forever for them too, since they have the same issues as Amiga port has (except for the limited resources maybe)

I mean: the current sources are probably in C and we have to do the work over and over ... Well I don't mind that but sometimes I'd like a peek at the source (specially when I remade the bitmap bros games...)

Well, my original dream was: all arcade games that can be ported 1:1 or close should exist on the amiga (a bit like Atari did with Super Sprint, ... or the excellent Pang, Paperboy, Parasol Stars, Rainbow Islands and ... Bomb Jack). One more legend game like this, yeah!!!

The fact it requires a A1200 isn't a big deal. It's difficult enough to code on the amiga, let's have AGA & 2MB chip available at least...
Most of the coin-op games were coded in ASM, either z80 or 68000. Only a few of them were coded in C.

And never forget that back in the day, when japanese coders had to code, they prefered ASM over C in every cases.

the C part is only the linker/linking file.
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