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The Using Amiga Unix manual link at seemed to be broken. I re-uploaded it (I presume it's the same version), this time searchable version. (It's first in the Documentation and literature -section. I couldn't remove the non-working link. The CMS system the site uses is a bit weird).

I have all the four manuals (Installing, Learning, Using, Working Together). The Learning one is already at the site, others I am hoping to scan at good quality and upload some day.

The last manual, Working Together - Amiga UNIX and Amiga DOS, is a short one. Most of it is just descriptions how the two OSs differ, what commands are same/different, and how to install (and re-install) both OSs on one machine and how to boot to whichever you want. And how to modify partitions from both. There is a chapter about transfering files between the two but it's only about the bru -command and reading/writing floppies. In my opinion this manual gives very little extra if you have read the other Amix manuals, and about half is just basic Workbench/HDToolbox stuff.
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