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Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
It's a weird one - I can copy to and from the shared directory but neither Multiview nor PPaint can read images (presumably other filetypes) from it - please see the video here (22 MB).

(Note: Work is a Cyberstorm device, Shared is uaehf).
Attach the image that does not work (because randomly chosen image works for me). What is exact version of multiview? Does same happen if you copy that image from windows side to directory, then boot OS4 and try it? Just to confirm it isn't some odd permission issue.

btw, don't bother with videos, I hate them, they are long and boring and never tell anything that can't be said with one line of text. (which generally is as useless as "it does not work". Yes, I already knew that.)

note: uaehf has nothing to do with directory harddrives. It is device used by hardfiles. Directory harddrives are filesystem only, there is no block device driver.
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