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Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Got another issue here: data's being corrupted when copying from or to a uaehf.device hard disk folder.

If I copy an image file from AmigaOS to a shared folder then try to view it (PPaint/Multiview) it says it can't read the image.
I can't duplicate and above test is not good enough. You need to check if it is writing to directory or reading from directory that corrupts it.

*Edit* Just had OS4.1 lock up on me (corrupted screen) - here's the logs and config:
Nothing in the log. These kinds of problems are practically impossible to debug when running OS4.

Originally Posted by racs View Post
You could write me an email next time if you had any questions about the OS4 JIT...
I forgot I had your email address...

The answer is: no, in OS4 only those 68k binaries are translated which were loaded by DOS, so mainly apps and libraries from disk. Everything else is falling back to the interpretive emulator.
I expected something like this

It explains slow performance... Technical questions coming soon via email..

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