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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
Make sure you select Graffiti Screenmode and graffiti C2P.
Ah, that might be what I'm missing there...

Where do I select "Graffiti screenmode?"
I was just editing the config file and changing the C2P...

I knew I was probably missing something..

OK, I found out that if I hold SHIFT, it gives me a requester so I can choose the screenmode.
(I know I SHOULD read instructions, but.. ;-)

I was able to play DoomAttack in NTSC Graffiti!!!
(Not PAL for some reason tho... More testing.)

Ok, I was able to play in PAL, but I had to boot my Amiga into PAL mode (early boot menu).

Neither of those options work for Nemac IV tho.

I don't have any initial numbers yet (I have -fps, but I need to do some compares), but my gut feeling is that this is slower than the 020 optimized C2P modes.... But I haven't compared resolutions, etc..


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