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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
There's also a few videos out there showing Doom running on a600+indiecs in 256 colors (using framebuffer+graffiti emulation) if you're interested to see.
Might be interesting..
I saw a few listed using Indi, but haven't found many mentions of the Graffiti.

I DL'd some ADFs for Nemac IV so I'll try to get that set up ahead of time for some testing...

I was thinking of copying the C2P files from DoomAttack that I have to the Gloom Deluxe directory, so see if they are the same format..
Although I'd expect you'd need more than just C2P files... It's a different screenmode too..
Although, maybe the software will recognize from the C2P file and use the appropriate screenmode.
I'm not sure how "standard" those C2P files are...

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