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Thread necro!!! ;-)
I have a Graffiti on the way (from across the pond, so it will take a while)...

I'm wondering why there's not more discussion about the Graffiti tho.
Not just because it sounds interesting, but recently...
Indivision ECS has Graffiti emulation.
Indivision AGA MK2 is going to have it (does it or will it take a software update??)..

I thought I even read on here that support was added to WinAE for this...

Now, for WinUAE, it's probably not a big deal as it mostly is for speed increases in a few games and Shapeshifter, but...

Has anyone tried the Graffiti emulation in the Indi ECS??
How does it actually work???
I know it wasn't hugely popular, and not a lot of software was out for it. Probably because of it's limited numbers..
But with the emulation in the Indi's, seems like there will be more users..
I know NovaCoder has talked about adding it to his ports eventually...

I also wonder.. I know there was never a WB driver for this, but...
Could there be?
Just theoretically... Could a RTG Picasso type driver or something be made to have a chunky WB? Would it help?

I'm wondering if I can get my incoming Graffiti to work with my GBS-8200 for a true poor man's IndiAGA MK -.5.. ;-)

Oh well, just thinking out loud..
I'll see what kind of speed differences I notice when I get him..
I might even install ShapeShifter and set it up to be able to test that... ;-)

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