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I had a look at the ending of all the longplays, and they all have different ending scores, so Id say your system should be fine. I also found a more technical detailing of the scoring of this game, and it seems to be perfect for the compo.

Golden Axe uses a unique "Strength" system rather than a traditional score. It's calculated as follows:

Strength = ((0.5 + 0.5L) * E * A) * M.

L is the current level you're on (1-5). E is for Enemy. Normal enemies count as 1, bosses are 2, and Death=adder is 8. A is for the attack you kill the enemy with. Banging the top of their head followed by a kick is 3, a normal kick or throw is 2, and anything else is 1. Finally, this is multiplied by M, your Magic Multiplier. At the end of the game, your Strength for all kills is aggregated and then divided by the number of times you died to calculate your final score.
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