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Originally Posted by Cav View Post
Actually, also fastmem is behaving odd...

Memory in first slot, 4 MB
Memory in first and second slot, sometimes 0 MB, sometimes 8 MB.
Memory in first, second and third slot, 4 MB.
Memory in all slots, 0 MB.
Memory in first and third or forth, sometimes 4 MB sometimes 8 MB...........

Haha.. wtf..

Sounds like some of the connections in the SIMM slot isn't making proper contact. IIRC the 4000 needs to see the previous slot before looking at the next one. So if it doesn't see memory in the 2nd slot, it won't look at the 3rd one.

I had a broken part in my 2nd slot which was preventing the memory from being seated properly, so I had to put some non conductive inserts between the memory to get it to recognise properly. I've got to replace the slot itself one day!
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