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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
What he ^ says. Don't screw with it. With a working 8MB SIMM you don't have to do anything but plug it in. Ignore that post you're talking about, where the guy goes, "I'm out of 2MB SIMMs, I'll just put an 8MB one in and set this jumper", and yes you can set the jumpers incorrectly and it still *might* work, but just set them as the manual states.
Well, of course I would have used my original SIMM if there was no errors on the motherboard, that is also my intention..

But as it is now, it doesnt work. Thats why I would like some help of you experienced guys. And to get a little guide in WHY Alice finds 2 MB of ram if I flip the jumper and just 1 MB in original state...
The jumper just connects Alice DRA10, with U213 I9 and U212 I_CK.

I know that the jumper setting is wrong, no need to point that out.
I wouldnt just change it for fun. But Im very interested in why it makes it work 'a little better'....

Maybe I'll have to be more clear about that it isnt working, and that im trying to get it to work. Its not a weekend joy to drink beer and change jumper settings.

None the less, other hints are welcome.

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