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Is retro gaming becoming retro?

The reason i ask is because when i had an amiga, it could emulate a spectrum which at the time was a retro computer. Then i moved to the pc which could also emulate the spectrum, and (im still thankful to this day) our beloved amiga. The playstation came next and the pc could emulate that as the psone is now condidered retro.

However, we seem to have hit a brick wall with emulators as the ps2 (as far as im aware) is still impossible to emulate properly. I have managed to run timesplitters at full speed but gran turismo 4 is probably never going to happen. The psp is getting on a bit but unable to emulate on the pc at any playable speed.

So in a few years when the ps4 comes out, its very doubtful that people will even bother with a ps3 emulator. So does this mean that there will be no future retro gaming systems?

The only way to play ps3 GTAIV in on the original ps3 :-(
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