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Same error, here are my settings. Please help! ; )


I've followed your advice and still have the same problem; WHDLoad defaults to Kickstart 1.3 when launched in Gamebase and shows an error accordingly, then when I hit F12 and select the A500+ Rom from the drop menu and click Reset in the bottom right, the game loads right away.

I've included a set of images showing the stages of my problems. Also Attached is my
F:\Program Files\GameBase\GameBase Amiga\WHD\Devs\Kickstarts
window showing the renamed roms

I guess my questions are these:
  • How do I get the version of WINUAE which launches from WHDLoad in Gamebase to automatically select a compatible ROM (2.0 or higher).
  • How do I ensure these settings are saved and utilised each time.

KillerGorilla, you mentioned that there might be a corrupt part of my config file, is there a way of checking that and replacing it if it is the cause of the problem?

Thanks for your time - a breakthrough must be close!


PS - When i launch WINUAE without using gamebase amiga, I can get it to default to 2.0 and stay that way after restarts, so I figure it has to be something in the Gamebase Amiga setup. Thanks!

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