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Ya' like it Retr0?
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That looks like some beautiful country! I can see why you choose to settle down there - while remote - as long as there is a pub and internet - its a win!

I suspect you have a very close knit community - thats great for the kids to grow up in =)

As the largest commercial Amiga Retailers I have done lots of business with both and - I have but only good things to say about them - you can use either and you wont be displeased!.

I often find that Amigakit usually has slightly lower prices - i.e. the A604n (1MB CHIP RAM / ClockPort Upgrade) is currently £26.80 where as is $50.47 AUD - where they come into their own is that they stock some of the bigger upgrades compared to Amigakit - but I do avail myself of both services.

Sadly both seem to be out of the ACA620 accelerator (not surprised its great!) but keep a look out or question stocks.
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