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290 Bobs (Demo) by Hypnosis

A500 OCS/ECS ... after RMB on pic.1 below something breaks music?!

p.s. It has same CRC32 as one on link, what could mean it was once worked in some older WinUAE version?!?

The Debut (Intro) by Hypnosis & Vogue Designs

winuaelog -> "BLITTER: register modification during linedraw!" ... nothing "strange" visible on screen except the winuaelog.txt file is all filled with the massage!

Just Do It (Demo) by Dimension X

on pic.2 ... winuaelog ->
BLITTER: on the fly 9 (1) -> 9 (0) switch! PC=000116cc
BLITTER: frozen! 9 (1) -> 9 (0) 000116CC
BLITTER: channel mode changed while active (19->09) PC=000116cc

Bandits Radio (Demo) by Mad Elks

Possibly disk damaged! (pic.3) ... but anyway! (btw. does someone has correct version?)

Peach Boys (Demo) by Stellar

winuaelog -> "BLITTER: channel mode changed while active (00->01) PC=00c07d38"
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