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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Oh No! Not Another One of Those Bob-Demos (Demo) by D-Mob

A500 OCS/ECS 512+512 ... Probably another one "CPU speed issue"?!
Yes, most likely.

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
A Small Intro (Intro) by Quartz

A500 OCS/ECS 512+512 ... pic.1 ?!
I can't duplicate this problem.

EDIT: DLDemo (Intro) by The Warfalcons

In the demo it said that its not working with "new FAT Agnus" (pic.2)!
In WinUAE it works with OCS, ECS Agnus (what is FAT Agnus, right?), ECS Full (what is Super FAT)?!
Does it work also on a real ECS A500?!
Bottom scroller has DDFSTRT/DDFSTOP value pair that causes display DMA to overrun causing total corruption at the bottom (same Agnus bug as in photo I attached some time ago).

Emulation won't care, no one knows what exactly happens when bitplane DMA and memory refresh cycles conflict. It can only print log message (which had a bug causing it to not log nothing in this situation).
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