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Originally Posted by qube View Post
very cool cherno,

will you be expanding this mod to include the other levels, e.g. Workshops?

I was recently wondering myself whether it would be difficult to remake chaos (or any classic isometric/overhead shooter) in gzdoom by doing it as 3rd person with the camera slightly elevated and behind, or even overhead perhaps with very high ceilings and an overhead viewpoint, that art by antto koponen certainly gives you food for thought.

Other games that transitioned well to doom are hocus pocus and castlevania for those who aren't too familiar - and

Anyway, keep up the good work!

making new levels is probably easier than before because i know a good workflow, but it would also mean having to create all the props like the stone pillars with faces on them and new monsters, and i don't even dare to think of the work that preparing the second world would mean which is a shame since the second world in paticular has great aesthetics with all the steampunk machinery, walkways and buildings.
I'm not sure if I will ever sit down and create more levels, mostly because of the heavy work involved in scripting all the ambushes and puzzle elements.
In short, I don't know. part of the reason I released this mod after not working on it for weeks was because I wanted to move on to other projects.
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