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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Anyone tried burning some videos/movies and playing it on CDTV?
I see that CDTV had some special video format (CDXL), and I am wondering how it compares to ham 6 (quality vs size).

I am reading also on various topic that it is hardly upgrade-able, especially Accelerators for A500... but wondering how hard would it be to attach CF as Hard Disk.
Anyone tried Turbo CD upgrade?

When I have time, i'll try converting some videos, and will try playing it on my A500... I saw on youtube people done it before...
Its actually very upgradeable today with some specific hardware made for it, but back in the day there wasn't a great deal you could do.

Gutted really as i'd love the CDTV to be sat under the PS4 and use that for game testing, but A600 is the way forward
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