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I have tested your config from post 7 and find lots of problems while running it on my laptop set to 800MHz and w/gfx on min.

I played a little with WinUAE3600b3 and make a config that works fine with low settings on my laptop.
(of course Jim Power will not work fine, but those that not go over 100% of usage work fine)

The problem was; before I always get sound buffer full after several seconds that make sound stuttering, but after enabled VSync the sound buffer does not get full anymore.

I attached the config for you to test/check how it works on an netbook !?

The config have some modifications (blitter_speed + mem_exact) that makes it even more compatible, so will work best in latest WinUAE3600 betas. The config is set to window mode so just press LCtrl+F12 to go into full screen mode.

EDIT: During the test have found that gfx settings (min or max) does not influence on the speed when in window mode, only needed to set gfx to balance (or max) when in the full screen mode, otherwise there would be lot of stuttering.
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