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Hard Drive Installed Games

I like the idea of getting some hard drive installed games utilising WHLoad.

I had looked at buying one of the 'game' CFs from ebay but the downsides seem to be that they are designed to use the IDE connection currently used by my (admittedly limited and noisy) 540Mb harddrive, they have the OS preloaded (with Magic WB - which could be considered a good or bad thing depending on your point of view) and after the games have been loaded there appears to be only about 25Mb out of 4Gb left free.

My initial thoughts are that I would prefer to leave the 540Mb hard drive in place and buy a blank 4Gb CF to use via the PCMCIA slot - partitioned to look like 2 or 3 extra drives for whatever other uses I want, including hard drive installed games and for data transfer. I would hope to get most of the games I want from WHDownload.

I know it is also possible to split the existing IDE connection into two but that seems quite a bit more complicated / expensive and I don't want to sink too much money into this (I plan to send off the A1200 to AmigaKit to get the capacitors replaced as a precaution but that aside I will be looking to minimise hardware costs).

Can anyone see any shortcomings / flaws in my intended approach or offer any precuationary advice? I would also be keen to hear of alternative suggestions - what I want more than anything is as simple and robust a solution as possible.

Thanks in anticipation.
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