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match = true
loop twice (first select odd planes, next select even planes)
if (dualplayfield)
match = true
check plane collision condition (odd or even planes, enabled plane's bit pattern == "match" value?)
if no bitplane collision: match = false
if (match == true) set sprite collision bit in CLXDAT if non-zero sprites in same bitplane pixel position
end loop
ok I would assume if plane is enabled in clxcon but disabled in bplcon0, 0 is compared with the "match" value.

and i would assume if even planes are already shifting and odd planes still delayed by bplcon1, 0 is compared with the "match" value for odd planes (and vice versa)

for playfield to playfield collisions above code should be valid too. (exception: if (dualplayfield) match=true ) if the match variable after the loop keeps true, bit 0 in clxdat should be set?
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