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Tutorial:- Large Disk Support for Classic Workbench & AmigaOS


This is my first attempt at a tutorial Video for Large Disk support, I've always avoided doing this due to the complexity but as so many people have asked... Please note I cannot accept any liability if you misuse tools like Diskpart and loose your Data. I recommend you read up on the documentation for all software demonstrated.

The aim of this guide is to show you the steps to prepare a large drive for Amiga use, as you might know the original IDE device has a 4gb limit so we need to patch this and the file system to allow larger drives to be used. The Video covers this along with partitioning the drive, adding the file system and even getting Workbench onto the drive.

I hope the tutorial helps and is not overly complicated, please note you will need to have a reasonably good understanding of AmigaOS and be familiar with WinUAE/Windows. I'm using Classic Workbench for my guide, the steps will be similar in a normal Workbench releases but the scsi.device patching in 3.1 would be a little more complex.

I will try and help with any questions but there are a lot of different file systems and eventualities involved, some can be extremely complex depending on your target Amiga.

Thanks for watching! =D

[ Show youtube player ]

If you're a beginner and need a step by step guide to setting up a more basic install you can see my other tutorial here:
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