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sound issues on Amiga 4000

i've been working on getting my A4000 running and its mostly ok now except i'm having sound issues. my first guess is bad caps or a monitor issue but I wanted to run it across people here first

my setup is
NTSC amiga 4000
OS 3.9 and boing bag 1,2 (no rom update)
amigakit 4gb CF hard drive
2 MB chip RAM
(16MB RAM on MB, 8MB on GVP A4000 scsi zoro expansion card)
monitor is a commodore 1040S

the issue seems to be with missing sounds or timing, i'll give a few examples

It came from the desert - no speech during the intro but the music does play (i pulled the CF hard drive and ran it on WinUAE on my PC and the intro speech works fine)

Elite - music at the begining is missing notes, also when you start the game you get no sound effects from the lasers unless your firing at the space station then they make a sound, otherwise nothing

every one in awhile i'll also get a video issue with a yellow tint coming over the display so maybe the sound/video issues could be the monitor?

the battery in the Amiga did have a very minor leak when i purchased it but I cleaned it up and there appears to be no damage.

any idea or should I start seeking someone to recap the board?
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