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There are no license keys that the toaster looks for. However there is in the startup sequence (if you have a flyer installed) to initiate the flyer. As for Video you will have problems with the machine booting if you do not have either appropriate monitor (commordore) or having a specific video toaster scan doubler or a indvision 4000. the Video toaster needs a sync signal from the monitor or appropriate scan doubler. If it does not then it will hang the machine. pull the toaster card from the machine and attempt booting again. if you get past that then you have to make sure that the centre frequency is set right or you will get toaster unable to genlock. you need a live video source hooked into video 1 in. not through the vector scope. you need a dc volt multimeter and you run with a video source into the toaster. you put the pos on the solder point labled err, and the ground line to the case. you want the voltage to be 2.1 i can't remember if + or -. I would have to look at my notes.
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