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Thanks for the tips.
I suspect the power supply is being stretched, as sometimes the disk drive works, sometimes it does not. The light shines feebly for a second sometimes but nothing loads, sometimes when I try to boot, it'll go all the way. Hopefully that's just the PS and not bad caps on the motherboard. But I'll be doing whatever it takes to bring this one back.

I was after many tries to boot using a disk that was labeled dataflyer. It loaded up workbench and presented me with some txt file readme and some disk utility programs. From what I could gather from the readmes, the scsi bus uses the ide bandwidth somehow and creates conficts. As a result there are problems with using a ide drive simultaneously. In order to get around this there are some special drivers that allow it to avoid interference. First however, you need to format the drive, and then in order to install the controller drivers that will allow the scsi hard drive to boot, you must make a modified workbench installer disk. The details may be a bit vague I wasn't taking firm notes.

Trouble is that in order to do this, you need 2 drives, or to do some manipulations with a ramdisk. Thankfully this system came with all the manuals and I've been learning how amigas work, but it'll take a while before this goes smoothly.

My plan is to wait for the new power supply to arrive, do a full breakdown/clean/remove the battery, and take a look at the solder pads for the capacitors on the mb see if there is any discoloration. In the meanwhile I'll learn how to configure the hcx floppy emulators to work with the amiga and then load up an SD card with images of the workbench installer, and the dataflyer drivers. How i'll do this, I'm not yet sure, as I don't have another amiga to make images. Will a PC with omniflop read amiga disks?

What I need is a backup of the workbench 3.0 installer because the scsi driver installer modifies one of these to make the bootable driver installer.

In the meanwhile I'll also get a ide CF card. If I can't go straight to configuring the scsi, from what I read in the info files, it should be easier to install onto and ide drive, and then configure the scsi.

Anyhow, it does seem like the system works, if not a bit

flakey and crippled. That I was able to get into workbench and read the info files means that I've got a lot of hope for making this work. I've got all of the original software installer disks (and cd roms -- which i can use once I get the scsi happy). I should be able to get everything back upon a clean install.

It would be a good idea to image that drive. I should try and do that before giving it a format.
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