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Originally Posted by DjDiabolik View Post
but always a file remains "loaded".... in fact, in some my previous replies I spoke about this features that could be "improvable" in some way
Yeah, I forgot to mention that the LHA file or whatever is "in use", so it couldn't be changed in Windows, not until you close WinUAE to free the file, so yes, there's that issue. Maybe what the others said about going into F12, then Drives and removing them?

EDIT: It seems removable drives like RDH0: DON'T show up on "CD and Hard Drives".

EDIT: I just tried dragging and dropping several of my LHA files into WinUAE, one after the other, to see if ONLY the last one used was "in use" and non-deletable, but it seems that ALL of the files I dragged and dropped into that one session win WinUAE became undeletable, and I could only remove them AFTER I closed WinUAE. I never noticed this before because I tend to store my Amiga archives in an ISO archive which I open with WinRAR (compatible with WinUAE) and drag the files from one to the other that way.

I don't know what I can suggest now, but if you're working with HDF files on WinUAE, it should be no problem to close, then re-open WinUAE again and carry on?

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