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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
Hi guys, thanks for the responses. I seem to have completely missed them and thought the subject was closed, so apologies for that. I tried just using .adf files but met with snarled up graphics for some reason.

But I think the low fps problem may lie in my Amiga DH0 partition that i use - possibly? I've looked again at my WinUAE config in line with your suggestions and can't see anything wrong.

Oh wait.......................

I had a fiddle with the processor slot ram. It was on zero, I set it to 128 mb. Seems to have doubled my framerate to 39 fps regardless of screen size in the game.
I've just had the Z2 fast set to 8mb before this. Hmmmm..... progress. :-)
Have you tried using the RTG patch yet? It will completely bypass having to emulate the C2P.
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