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As the creator/maintainer of QEMU-UAE, I can also chip in with:

I did make a small effort to update to a newer QEMU version a good while ago, from 2.2 to a later 2.x version. QEMU-UAE is coded against internal functions in QEMU which is not stable (i.e. subject to change between versions), and the internals had changed to a point where updating was not trivial. This means quite a bit of work and hair-pulling to make any update work - probably.

And even though QEMU generally has seen performance improvements, there isn't necessarily the case that an updated QEMU-UAE plugin with PPC emulation on x86 would see any substantial improvement. The improvements in QEMU could be related to other things.

So the short answer is that I'm not that interested in updating it either. For my part, QEMU-UAE is in maintenance mode - and I plan to continue doing for example minor tweaks to fix compilation issues with newer compilers.
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