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Sorry, but I had to reply to this thread...and I need to be quite blunt here

So apex or AMike; do you really think that I, or any other people in the moderation team here on EAB really care about your opinion?

Oh, just because you're the admin / moderator of "", you think this holds some weight here or anywhere else for that matter?

Do I care what an Amiga group on "Fakebook" thinks? Absolutely not!!!

Do you see me or any other EAB Admin / Moderators getting involved in your forum, or negative discussions that apparently occur there quite often? Nope!!!

I'll quote a post from Retro-Nerd; a long standing German Amiga member here, and probably on your forum also; in this exact thread mind you:

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
After all the Amiga drama and bullshit talking on over the past decade there are people complaining about involved EAB mods in some threads? This just made my day.
You seem to have beef as people here have been honest and open; quite frankly, that's your issue... what do you propose people do, just sweep it under the carpet and accept?

Please look after / get your own playground in order before you start throwing stones at others

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