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A600 video fault after recap

Hi I’m after a bit of advice and I’m a bit stuck seems I have broken my Amiga 600 and not sure where best to check. I replaced the capacitors which seemed to go pretty well apart from the through holes where I burnt the back of the board a little around the video circuit area R232C which may explain this issue. I checked all the traces around that area for continuity and all seems ok but when I boot I’m getting no display through RF or composite and through scart I am just getting the boot up screen but it’s just black and blue as per the Video. I’m not sure if it’s related but my audio was crackly before the recap and there is still no change after the recap I managed to get a game booting with sound to test. I did try to search for a similar issue online but to no avail any guidance on my next step would be most appreciated. This is a Rev 1 Board

Thanks in advance

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