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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
Hi all,

I recently had a ball playing through Alien Breed 3D both on my 1200 060 and WinUAE. I decided to continue with the sequel, The Killing Grounds, but I'm not able to get WinUAE to match the 1200's framerate. The Amiga gets 19fps, but the best I can do on the pc in similar evironments is 13fps. I have tried using jit, selecting maximum speed over compatibilty, but is it just down to my pc hardware?

cpu i7 3770K 3.5GHz and gpu Nvidia 1060 6 Gb.

Thanks -for various reasons it would be handy to be able to play it on my pc.
There is an RTG patch for AB3D2:TKG on Aminet. I have not tried it on UAE but on my A4000 w/CSPPC+CVPPC the performance improvement was like night and day. Bypassing the Amiga bus and going straight to the video card made the game butter smooth except when the largest bosses were loaded. The only downside was that it played without any window dressing, but who cares? My only caveat is that is crashes sometimes.

Note that this was *NOT* using WHDload, but using a regular HD install of the game.
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