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I was playing this the other day, but I fired it up just now to see what my framerate is and it's typically around the the 46/47fps mark. I'm using the WHDLoad version of AB3DII (latest slave).

I'm running WinUAE emulating an A1200 with Blizzard 1230 IV running AmigaOS 3.1.4 and a 3.1.4 ROM. JIT is enabled. "Fastest possible" is selected and "More compatible" (for CPU and FPU). 32MB Fast RAM.

My PC CPU is an i7-5930K 3.5GHz running at 4GHz (6 cores / 12 threads). My GPU is an MSI Geforce 2080 Ti TRIO (self-overclocks to 1755MHz).

I would guess your CPU is letting you down.
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