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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Why they would threat electronic ownership any different then license ownership of software?? Should your ownership allow you to purchase/sell license of someone who already purchased license??
I'm asking because I simply don't understand what the verdict means. The push-back from the industry will be different depending what it is.

Currently most of Take2 and EAs money is made from loot boxes, the next goal post is "games as a service" to make money.
  • Either this means that a French citizen can legally re-sell a Fifa steam key, ~$30
  • Or that they can sell Fifa with season pass + Fifa steam key, ie steam key + something that doesn't exist yet (~$60)
  • Or all of the above, that that they can sell Fifa with 200+ loot box player cards ultimate team complete (~$3000)

EA can let the first one through, and just "sell" FIFA as free to play next year, or game pass exclusive "free". They "can't" go to their next stock holder meeting saying that quarterly income has dropped, due to player cards being sold directly between players.

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