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Originally Posted by earok View Post
This is a very dumb question, but - is there a way, assuming AGA dual playfield (4 bitplanes foreground + 4 bitplanes background = 8 bitplanes total), of ensuring that a collision on the foreground layer will always be detected with the CLXCON registers? So long as there was a bit set on any of the four foreground planes, and not just assuming one in particular?

From my reading of the above (my understanding may be completely wrong), I would guess not, and the best I could hope for is to catch collisions with half of the colors.

Edit: Maybe I'm overthinking this.. is it as simple as setting CLXCON/CLXCON2 for each of the four bitplanes, and then checking the resulting collision data? Or can it all be done at once?
Sorry/not sorry to resurrect this somewhat rusty thread. I am just touching on using CLXDAT in conjunction with some bounding box detection.

It seems that to have the Amiga register a collision there must be an exact match for the bit pattern set in the CLXCON polarity bits. ie. Pattern must be explicit
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