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No one meant that making an LhA archive is hard or one that could be booted from within once mounted. Of course you need Kickstart ROMs or Amiga won't start. Amiga Floppies are not ROM (Read Only Memory) images found on a Motherboard. That's what I was meaning. Drag'N'Drop to an emulator isn't what I was meaning. I, too, have seen the games archived in LhA, Zip, and's very common. I wasn't disputing that. But I wouldn't call them "LhA games". We always just called them games in LhA or Zip.
I understood the OP's reason for asking. With a real Amiga you cannot Drag'N'Drop an LhA onto Workbench and have it mount and execute. Not in the many years I've been an Amigan..haha...that's totally emulation.

Funny thing is, from a user level, or a completely novice can seem very easy but it has required a lot of programming to arrive there. Anyway, I wondered for a moment what was meant as Toni did in his reply.
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